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May Meeting

For the May 15th Meeting we will be talking about the Lake Washington Sockeye Meeting that happened on April 23rd.


April Meeting

For the April Meeting we had a great talk on the North of Falcon meetings.


March Meeting

 What a fantastic meeting we had on March 20th with Tommy Donlin. Tommy gave us a great presentation on Ling Cod and Halibut fishing. He covered not only the gear and baits to use. We all heard how important it is to be using your electronics to find the structure where the big halibut roam chasing down all kinds of food sources.  Thank you to Tommy for taking the time and speaking at our meeting. 

Presidents Message


May 2019



The SKC of Puget Sound Anglers has been very busy since our last message here in the Reel News. We participated in and captured the overall win at the All PSA Chapter derby in Anacortes hosted by the Fidalgo chapter. Chris and his team did a great job and it was fun visiting the town and meeting some new friends to. Big fish was just over 16 pounds and caught by Trina Wilson Finney. Congratulations to everyone that weighed in a fish at the derby. Our chapter will have the responsibility of planning and help running the 2020 derby. It will be a good time and we are already looking forward to it.

As many of you are well aware we are facing some challenges with our Puget Sound fishing for the next year and more. At our most recent meeting we as a club talked a little about the seasons that were just set at the North of Falcon meetings in CA. Chinook cuts are hard to take however we are looking more positive with our Coho. So before we throw our hands up and say what the heck lets try and do the best with what seasons we do have and enjoy the times with friends and family. A huge thank you to all the folks that did attend the meetings and tried to make our voices heard. I can imagine some of the talks are not easy and the outcomes don’t always go the way we like. However, if we are not at the table than we are on the menu. Get involved where you can and participate in what you can to try and help.

Our membership numbers continue to rise and I’m happy to say we are over a dozen new members for the year 2019. Thank you to those folks who chose our club to call home. For those current members and volunteers who continue to promote the club and do so many great things thank you to each and every one of you. We welcome all members and first time guests to join us on the third Wednesday of the month at our general meetings.


Sean Finney

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