Presidents Message – September, October, November 2016


South King County Puget Sound Anglers


South King County Puget Sound Anglers

September, October, November 2016 Presidents Message by Frank Eshpeter

Wow what a year! First we had no fishing then we had fishing and low and behold we had no fish. What’s next, what can we expect.

What I know for sure is we need to adapt. The good fisherman those that actually catch fish all the time are constantly looking for new things, Areas to fish new tactics and new tools to use.

To be successful in today’s fisheries we need to change the way we fish. Find new tools to use and learn how to make them work. One way is to start at your local tackle shop. They have had a tough year also so stop in show them support and ask what when and where find out what has been working, when it has been hot  and where is it happening. Then pick up what seems to be the key and try it out. Another way is try something new call a guide or charter and try a new area or method of fishing learn from an expert. They have had a tough year too and can use the support also and why not tap into their knowledge. One more way to up your knowledge and learn something new is to attend a club meeting every month most clubs have a guest speaker that has the know. And don’t forget the knowledge in the room. Ask the question someone in the room usually has the answer. Always remember you cannot learn if you don’t ask that question or get out there and try something new.

Our September21st guest will be Captain, Michael Jamboretz ” Jambo”
Owner operator of “Jambo’s Sportfishing”…
h us some of his secrets for successful fall deep water king and blackmouth fishing.
Come early have a dog and get your tickets for another great raffle.
Good food- great raffle- and an awesome show see ya there!
Jambo will share with us some of his secrets for deep water kings and Blackmouth.

October 19th we will have Todd Girtz and for our November 16th meeting we will have Anglers West TV.

We have a great lineup to finish up the year before our December 21st Christmas party so stop in and see us come learn something new and ask that question someone in the room will have an answer.

h us some of his secrets for successful fall deep water king and blackmouth fishing.
Come early have a dog and get your tickets for another great raffle.
Good food- great raffle- and an awesome show see ya there! 

We meet the THIRD Wednesday of each month at the

IBEW Local 46 Auditorium :
Doors open at 6 meeting at 700PM
19802 62nd Ave S,
Kent, WA 98032

Don’t forget it is time to renew your membership. And you can still join online how easy that is! Dues are $30

Remember we are a 501C3 charitable organization.

And did you know you can now become a sponsor or just donate if you want on our web site!

See you at our September 21st SKCPSA meeting come early, get in on the members Raffle, have a dog and let’s talk fishing.

As always we will have a killer RAFFLE Lots of great prizes!

South King County PSA meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month 7pm doors open at 6.

IBEW local 46 Hall in Kent. 19802 62nd AV S Kent WA 98032

Visit us at

 Mailing Address SKC Puget Sound Anglers PO BOX 13191 Des Moines WA 98198

Keep your tip up and your line tight and we will see you at our July 17th Meeting!


PSA State Board President Message for September by Ron Garner

I hope you had a great summer. Fishing has been the worst I can remember in many years. Crab and Shrimp were the highlight of the year. Fishing seemed very tough this year, especially salmon. Not only was the fishery tough, the lack of opportunity through our North of Falcon compounded those problems. The Puget Sound was tough and the ocean is usually easier, but this year it was spotty at best. Marine area 9 and 10 didn’t seem to do well at all. Early morning quick bites turned into boat rides most of the rest of the day. If you missed the short window then most went home skunked. It appears that fish are getting by us and up the Columbia River and other areas without us catching them.

What I see is a shrinking salmon population for all. We are all fighting over the last fish with fewer produced each year. When are we going to reevaluate our fisheries? We know that habitat is degraded and dams and or dykes have hurt our fisheries as well as too many predators taking out the salmon. Mother Nature has been out of whack for a while not helping either.  We are dedicated to trying to rebuild wild fish runs that are no longer the pure exact fish that were in these rivers historically. Over the last 100+ years our rivers have been replanted with fish from all over the state. There are very few pure wild fish left. We have changed hatchery practices immensely to not harm wild fish but yet we are making less and less fish each year.  Is the Washington State Fishing Industry not important? Our hatchery systems generate $11 Billion for our state and yet it has not been handled respectfully with kid gloves like it should have.  Hatcheries are being blamed for the decline in wild fish and it is mainly a sales tool for lawsuits. What I have seen in all of my studying is that lawsuits are suing using the result and not the effect. I wish I could get my hands on Tulalip Biologist Mike Cresson’s PowerPoint that he showed at Senator Pearson’s hearing in Olympia a couple of years ago. Wild Fish Conservancy had their turn, but Mikes PP really disproved their theory. His showed that all rivers health went up and down the graphs over the years and not just the localized rivers they sue over. It told the big picture story and disproved them. He also did his homework and showed where hatchery fish were pumped up in certain years/runs to aid in an ailing run. The opponent blamed the hatchery larger run for the reason the wild fish dropped off.